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Jaguar E-Type

The "'Lightweight' E-Type" which was apparently intended as a sort of follow-up to the D-Type. ... www.jaguar-e-type.net (fansite)

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Jaguar E-type, a car ... E-type asteroid E-type Australian Contemporary Soul/Jazz band

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E-Type (musician)

'Bo Martin Erik "E-Type" Eriksson' (born August 27, 1965 in Uppsala, Sweden)is a Swedish Eurodance musician. ... http://www.e-t

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E-Type (video game)

E-Type is a clone of Sega's arcade driving game Out Run for the BBC Micro, Acorn Electron and Acorn Archimedes. ... the game features a blue Jaguar E-type.

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Last Man Standing (E-type album)

Last Man Standing is E-Type's third studio album which was released in 1998. ... "Angels Crying" (E-type/Mud)

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E-type asteroid

E-type asteroids are asteroids thought to ... They have a high albedo (0.3 or better), which distinguishes them from the more common M-type asteroids.

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Renault E-Type engine

The "Energy" or E-Type was a straight-4 automobile engine from Renault, introduced in 1988 with the Renault 19.

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East Lancs E Type

The East Lancs E Type is a type of double-deck bus body built on different chassis by East Lancashire Coachbuilders.

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This Is the Way (E-Type)

"This Is The Way" is a 1994 song recorded by the Swedish musician known under the pseudonym of E-Type. Second single from his debut album Made In ...

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