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Akbar RG

Iraqi Republican Guard

The RG also included two Corps Headquarters, the Allah Akbar RG Operations Command", composed of infantry and armoured units.

2003 disestablishments, guards regiments, military of iraq

List of Indian inventions and discoveries

Early references to dicing can be found in the Ṛg Veda (c. early 2nd millennium BCE) as well as the newer Atharva Veda (c. late 2nd millennium ~ ...

indian inventions, lists of inventions or discoveries, science and technology in india

2007 Miami Dolphins season

January 25 - Signed linebacker Akbar Gbaja-Biamila. ... Samson Satele 68 Johnathan Ingram 73 Dan Stevenson RG 77 Drew Mormino 65 Rex Hadnot 63 Stephen ...

miami dolphins seasons, 2007 national football league season by team

Trade between Western Europe and the Mughal Empire in the 17th ...

The history, customs and religion rg of the people occupying this ... Akbar the Great was known for his tolerance towards unorthodox Muslims and Hindus.

mughal empire, early modern period, 17th century in europe, 17th century in india

Timeline of Pakistani history

1500 BCE: Earliest rhymes of Rg-Veda were written in the Indus Valley (Pakistan) ... 1586: Yusufzais defeat Akbar in the Karakar pass ...

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