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Uruguay has a middle-income economy, mainly dominated by the State services sector, an export-oriented agricultural sector and an industrial sector.

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Uru may refer to URU, a determinative in mesopotamian cuneiform script ... Uru may also refer to:

Lago Uru Uru

Lago Uru Uru is a lake in Oruro Department, Bolivia. At an elevation of 3686 m, its surface area is 214 km².

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Uru: Ages Beyond Myst

Uru: Ages Beyond Myst is an adventure video game developed by Cyan Worlds and published by Ubisoft. ... After Uru's release and Uru Live's demise, Cyan ...

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Myst Online: Uru Live

Myst Online: Uru Live is a massively multiplayer online game (MMO) developed by Cyan Worlds. ... Like Uru, Myst Online takes place in 2000's New Mexico ...

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Go Uru of Buyeo

Go Uru or Hae Uru (r. 121 BCE - 86 BCE) was the 4th Dangun of Bukbuyeo, an ancient Korean empire that was founded in Manchuria.

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Uru (Big Boat)

The Uru, or "Big Boat", is made in Beypore, a village in south Calicut, Kerala, in southwestern India. ... A remarkable feature of the technology of ...

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Go Uru

Go Uru (고우루, 高優婁) (?-230) was the prime minister of Goguryeo during the reigns of Kings Sansang and Dongcheon during a period of 24 years.

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Henare Uru

Henare Whakatau Uru (1872 – 1929) was a Māori of Ngāi Tahu and a Reform Party Member of Parliament in New Zealand. ... Hopere Wharewiti Uru, and held it ...

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Te-uru-ra'i Ari'i-mate Tamatoa-Tau-tu Tamatoa VI

Te-uru-ra'i Ari'i-mate Tamatoa-Tau-tu Tamatoa VI was born at Huahine in 1853. ... He was the second son of Te-uru-ra'i Ari'i-mate Ari'i-rahi of Huahine.

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