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Michigan State University

Michigan State University

After that, the University governing body changed its name from the State Board of Agriculture to the MSU Board of Trustees. [The State of Michigan]http:// ...

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Michigan State University libraries

Publications of the State of Michigan. Materials received include the House and Senate Journals, reports on a variety of subjects, statistical reports and annual ...

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List of Michigan State University people

Michigan State University alumni number around 460,000 worldwide. ... Michigan State's faculty and academic staff numbers around 4,500 researchers.

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Michigan State University Spartan Marching Band

The Ohio State University and San Jose State University marching bands are the only Division I bands with similar instrumentation.

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Michigan State University Vietnam Advisory Group

The Michigan State University Vietnam Advisory Group (commonly known as the Michigan State University Group and abbreviated MSUG) was a program of ...

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History of Michigan State University

Joining the rival University of Michigan, and grew to become one of the largest educational institutions in the United States with 44,937 currently enrolled. ...

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Campus of Michigan State University

Because Michigan state government officials had taken the lowest construction bid possible, College Hall suffered from an extraordinary number of ...

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Michigan State University academics

Michigan State ranks 75th in the world, according to a Shanghai Jiao Tong University study, with U.S. News & World Report's ranking MSU 70th in the U ...

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Michigan State University School of Hospitality Business

Committee of the Michigan Hotel Association met to discuss development of a college-level hotel management school, after which Michigan State approved a ...

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Michigan State University College of Natural Science

The College of Natural Science at Michigan State University is home to 24 academic departments and programs serving over 6,000 undergraduate majors ...

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