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Google Inc. is an American public corporation, earning revenue from advertising related to its Internet search, e-mail, online mapping, office ...



Google is an Internet company and brand. ... Proceratium google, a Madagascan ant species named after the search engine


AtGoogleTalks (or @Google Talks or Talks@Google) is a series of on-going presentations by invited speakers, sponsored by Google and given at various Google ...


Google Earth

Google Earth is a virtual globe, map and ... On March 13, 2008 Google made a web-based version of Google Sky available at http://www.google.com/sky/.

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Is Google Making Us Stupid?

"Is Google Making Us Stupid? ... HAL had also been used as a metaphor for the "ultimate search engine" in a PBS interview with Google co-founder Sergey ...

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List of Google products

Launched on June 26, 2007 that allows users to ask and answer questions posed by other users. http://googlerussiablog.blogspot.com/2007/06/google. ...

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Google Maps

Google Maps (for a time named ... Google Maps was first announced on the Google Blog on February 8, 2005, and was located at http://maps.google.com/.

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History of Google

This article covers the history of Google, the popular ... Originally the search engine used the Stanford website with the domain google.stanford.edu.

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Google Books Library Project

The Google Books Library Project is an effort by Google to scan and make searchable the collections of several major libraries. Along with ...

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Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a web browser developed by Google and based on the WebKit layout engine and application framework. ... public API called "Google Safe Browsing ...

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