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GNS may refer to: ... GNS Theory, a theory of ... Gelfand-Naimark-Segal construction (GNS construction), a theorem in algebra

GNS Theory

The GNS Theory, as originally developed by Ron Edwards, is a relatively amorphous body of work attempting to create a theory of how role-playing ...

role-playing game terms

List of ships in the Honorverse

Erewhon Navy (EN) ... GNS Benjamin the Great: Superdreadnought. ... GNS Edward Esterhaus SD(P): A Harrington class pod ...

fictional spacecraft, science and technology in the honorverse

Elysian Space Navy

Commander Solomon Marchant, GSN, XO, GNS Jason Alvarez, ... Senior Chief Gunner's Mate Horace Harkness, RMN, GNS Jason Alvarez,

fictional military organizations, honorverse organizations, space navies

Art sale

At the Gillott sale (1872) 160 examples realized £27,423, Turner's "Bamborough Castle" fetching 3150 gns.; ... Here may also be mentioned the 12,600 gns ...

auctioneering, business of visual arts, collecting


Let eN be the projection onto the subspace N. Then M and eN generate a new von Neumann algebra N> acting on L2(M), containing M as a subfactor.

operator theory, von neumann algebras

Douglas, County Cork

St. Columba's GNS - Catholic girls school ... Eglantine GNS - Catholic girls-only schoolref label

towns and villages in county cork

Dry cask storage

Castor is a tradename of the GNS Gesellschaft für Nuklear-Service mbH (GNS) (company for nuclear services). ... NB Power's Point Lepreau Nuclear ...

nuclear power plant components, radioactive waste, storage, waste treatment technology

Carmo da Cachoeira

Municipal Human Development Index ... National ranking: 2,040 out of 5,138 ... Literacy rate: 84 For the complete list see Frigoletto

cities, towns and villages in minas gerais state