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Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press

Claimed it was incompatible with freedom of speech and with freedom of the press and that it indicated that English libel laws were excessively strict.

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New Cambridge Paragraph Bible

1994, when the press' Bible Publishing Manager needed to decide on any changes or corrections that would have to be made to the KJV text published by

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Pippa Norris

Of Government, Harvard University. ... Major Book Publications for Cambridge University Press ... Britain Votes 2001 (Oxford University Press 2001),

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Geoffrey Parker (historian)

He holds his BA, MA, Ph.D. and Litt.D. degrees from Cambridge University where he studied under the historian, Sir John Huxtable Elliott.

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Ludwik Silberstein

Relativity staples of university coursework. ... To teach he went to Bologna, Italy from 1899 to 1904, switching then to the University of Rome until 1920.

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Studies in American Political Development

Studies in American Political Development (SAPD) is a political science journal founded in 1986 and presently published by Cambridge University Press.

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Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems

Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems is an academic journal published by Cambridge University Press on sustainable agriculture.

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The Cambridge History of Ancient China

The Cambridge History of Ancient China: From the Origins of Civilization to 221 BC is a book edited by Michael Loewe and Edward L. Shaughnessy, ...

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Persecution of Jews in the First Crusade

The call for the First Crusade touched off new persecutions of the ... University of California Press, 1987. ... University of Pennsylvania Press, 2004.

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Ediacaran type preservation

Unlike later soft-bodied fossil biota (such as the Burgess Shale, or Solnhofen Limestone) the Ediacara biota is not found in a restricted ...