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CPC may be an abbreviation for: ... Chinese Petroleum Corporation (also CPC Corporation, Taiwan) ... Amstrad CPC, a home computer of the ...


In 1998 he began djing which led him to begin professional electronic music ... In 2002 C-P-C was invited to work at Déjà Vu Records Moscow studios.

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Cartesian Perceptual Compression

Cartesian Perceptual Compression (abbreviated CPC, with filename extension .cpc) is a proprietary image file format. ... Although viewing CPC documents is free, ...

graphics file formats

Daewoo CPC-300

The Daewoo CPC-300 was a home computer based on the MSX standard, and produced by a Korean company Daewoo Electronics Co.


CPC Binary Barcode

CPC Binary Barcode is Canada Post's proprietary symbology used in its automated mail sortation operations. ... The second subfield, which encodes the ...

barcodes, canada post

CPC Gangbangs

CPC Gangbangs are a Montreal, Quebec-based garage punk band, with members of Les Sexareenos, The Spaceshits, Daylight Lovers, Grime, and Milky Ways.

garage punk groups


The original CPC Calculator had the following machines interconnected by cables: ... IBM 605 with punch unit IBM 527

1949 introductions, electro-mechanical computers, ibm unit record equipment, programmable calculators

CPC Attack

CPC Attack! was a short-lived magazine dedicated to Amstrad CPC gaming. ... The radical redesign to CPC Attack!

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Computing with the Amstrad CPC

Computing with the Amstrad CPC ISSN) was one of the first magazines for the Amstrad CPC computers. ... It was a CPC-only spin-off from a previous ...

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