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"Bull", meaning nonsense, dates from the 17th century (Concise Oxford ... also ME bull BUL ‘falsehood’, and BULL verb, to befool, mock, cheat."

feces, interjections, profanity


A bull is an adult male of various large mammal species including elk, moose, bovines (especially cattle), ... also called the "Bull Ensign"


Bullshit usually refers to the English expletive bullshit. It can also refer to: ... A bull's fecal matter


Bull or bull in zoology may refer to:: ... the word "bull" alone is usually spoken to refer specifically to male cattle, with terms such as "bull ...

1742 births, 1793 deaths, french botanists, french mycologists, french physicians

Second Battle of Bull Run

The Second Battle of Bull Run, or, as it was called by the Confederacy, the Battle of Second Manassas, was fought August 28-30, 1862, as part of the ...

1862 in the united states, battles of the main eastern theater of the american civil war, battles of the northern virginia campaign of the american civil war, confederate victories of the american civil war, prince william in the american civil war

Pit Bull

For the specific breed from which the term is derived, see American Pit Bull Terrier or American Staffordshire Terrier.

dog fighting breeds, dog types

Gerald Bull

They built an analog of Bull's gun using a convert gun and started test firing it over the Atlantic in 1961. ... James Adams, Bull's Eye: The ...

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Bull Ring, Birmingham

The Bull Ring is a major ... A mural of a bull was located on the side of the building as visitors entered via the road splitting the market area.

1154 establishments, 2003 architecture, buildings and structures in birmingham, england, shopping centres in the west midlands

Sitting Bull

Sitting Bull (Lakota: Tȟatȟaŋka Iyotȟaŋka or Ta-Tanka I-Yotank, also nicknamed Slon-he or "Slow"; ca. 1831 – December 15, 1890) was a Hunkpapa ...

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