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Al Medina Armored Division

Iraqi Republican Guard

Hammurabi Armoured Division, 2nd al-Medinah al-Munawera Armoured Division, 3rd Tawalkalna ala-Allah Mechanized Infantry Division and 6th Nebuchadnezzar ...

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Battle of 73 Easting

Corps's vanguard also included the American 3rd Armored Division (3rd AD) and 1st Infantry Division (1st ID), and the British 1st Armoured Division (1 AD).

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Battle of Najaf (2003)

Out a long range penetration mission against armored forces belonging to the Iraqi Republican Guard's Medina Division which was positioned outside Najaf.

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Battle of Al Busayyah

The Battle of Al Busayyah was a tank battle fought on February 26, 1991, during the Gulf War, between armored forces of the United States Army and ...

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Lion of Babylon tank

2nd ACR (US 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment), hit by both kinetic energy and HEAT rounds and totally destroyed.This incident happened in the course of the ...

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List of battles 1901–2000

First Battle of Al Faw 11 February- Iranians launch a surprise attack against the Iraqi troops defending the al-Faw Peninsula.

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This uprising led to the 1st Armored Division's Task Force 2nd Battalion, 37th Armor (2-37 AR) attached to the 2 Armored Cavalry Regiment (2ACR) ...

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Frederick M. Franks, Jr.

VII Corps units gained decisive victories at the Battle of Al Busayyah, the Battle of 73 Easting, the Battle of Norfolk and the Battle of Medina Ridge.

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The US 11th Armored Division liberates the prisoners of Mauthausen concentration camp, including Simon Wiesenthal.



In a typical Soviet motor rifle division of that time, one motor rifle regiment had BMP-1 IFVs, the other two had wheeled BTR-60 APCs.

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