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Al Haq

Al Haq

Al-Haq is a independent Palestinian human rights organization founded in 1979 and based in Ramallah in the West Bank. ... Al-Haq and its counterpart, ...

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Mohammad Ibn Abd-al-Haq Ibn Sab’in

Mohammad Ibn Abd-al-Haq Ibn Sab’in (محمدبن عبدالحق بن سبعين) is the last philosopher of the Andalous in the west land of Islamic world and his ...

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Islam in Jamaica

Outside of Kingston, organizations include Masjid Al Haq in Mandeville, Masjid Al-Ihsan in Negril, Masjid-e-Hikmah in Ocho Rios, and the Port Maria ...

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Raja Shehadeh

Shehadeh is a founder of the human rights organization, Al-Haq, an affiliate of the International Commission of Jurists.

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Kanzul Iman

The second translation was completed by Professor Shah Fareed al Haq of Pakistan and was published in India and Pakistan.

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AllahDad Bohyo

During the dictatorial regime of General Zia-al-haq he pseudonymously contributed articles on free speech and democracy in various Sindhi Magazines.

Political thought and legacy of Khomeini

In Pakistan, he is reported to have told Pakistan military ruler Zia ul-Haq that he would do to al-Haq "what he had done to the Shah" if al-Haq ...

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Soufian Abar Huwari

Detainee contacted al Qaida leader Abdul Haq, upon arrival in ... Detainee first met the al Qaida leader, Al Haq, in Algeria in 1992."

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Sindhi language media in Pakistan

Then the period of Zia-ul-Haq is of great importance, it was the period of complete dictatorship, in this period Sindhi Press presents sacrifices ...

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