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Al Arabiya

Al Arabiya

Times profile of Al Arabiya director Abdul Rahman al-Rashed, the station was founded "to cure Arab television of its penchant for radical politics and ...

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Syrian Air Force

The Syrian Air Force (lang-ar, Al Quwwat al-Jawwiya al Arabiya as-Souriya) is the Aviation branch of the Syrian armed forces.

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Suhair al-Qaisi

Suhair al-Qaisi (born 1985 in Baghdad, Iraq fact) is an anchor on Al Arabiya. ... On Al Arabiya, Suhair al-Qaisi hosts a weekly program about Iraq ...

Aban Elias

He was shown being held hostage in a video on Al Arabiya television station. ... A transcript provided by Al Arabiya quoted him as saying in English: “ ...

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Arab socialism

Arab socialism (lang-ar, al-ishtirākīya al-‘arabīya) is a political ideology based on an amalgamation of Pan-Arabism and socialism.

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Atwar Bahjat

Bahjat was abducted and killed in Samarra in the aftermath of the 22 February 2006 bomb attack that devastated the Al Askari Mosque.

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Haitham al-Badri

According to officials, Badri also personally killed Atwar Bahjat, an Iraqi reporter for the Al Arabiya television network.

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Arab Revolt

The Arab Revolt (1916–1918) (lang-ar Al-Thawra al-`Arabīya) (lang-tr) was initiated by the Sherif Hussein ibn Ali with the aim of securing ...

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Jihad Ballout

Becoming the Manager of Media Relations at Al Jazeera. He subsequently became communications director of the Dubai-based Arabic TV channel Al Arabiya.

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