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Zürich (audio-de IPA-all, Zürich German: Züri IPA, lang-fr IPA, lang-it IPA; in English generally Zurich IPAlink-en, IPAlink-en, or IPAlink-en) is ...

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Zurich (or Zürich) may mean: ... Canton of Zürich, Swiss canton of which the city is the capital ... Lake Zurich, lake in Switzerland ...

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Lake Zurich High School (Lake Zurich, Illinois)

Lake Zurich High School, or LZHS, is a public four-year high school located in Lake Zurich, Illinois, a northwest suburb of Chicago, Illinois, in ...

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History of Zürich

Zürich was continuously inhabited since Roman times. ... ---- The earliest inhabitants of the future site of Zurich were the lake dwellers.

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FC Zürich

FC Zürich or FCZ (short for Fussballclub Zürich) is a football club from Zürich, Switzerland, founded 1896. ... at Stadion Letzigrund in the west of Zurich.

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Zürich and London Agreement

Apart from the Zürich and London Agreements, two treaties were also signed which constituted an infringement of the independence of the Republic of ...

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ETH Zurich

ETH Zürich (lang-de) or Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich is a science and technology university in the City of Zürich, Switzerland.

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Altstadt (Zürich)

Altstadt (the German for "old town") or district 1 (Kreis 1) of the Swiss city of Zürich encompasses the area of the entire historical city before ...

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Canton of Zürich

The Canton of Zürich (German: Kanton Audio) has a ... In English the name of the canton is often written without an umlaut: Canton of Zurich.

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Zürich trams

Trams make an important contribution to public transport in the city of Zürich in Switzerland. ... Various projects to introduce trams to Zurich were ...

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