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Interstate 89 - Runs northwestward from White River Junction to serve both Montpelier and Burlington en route to the Canadian border.

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Vermont is a state in the United States of America. ... Vermont also may refer to: TOCright ... The Vermont, a ferry used by the Lake Champlain ...

Constitution of Vermont (Vermont Republic)

The Constitution of Vermont was Vermont's constitution when it existed as the independent Vermont Republic from 1777 to 1791.

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List of towns in Vermont

The state of Vermont has 255 political units, or "places". ... charters granted which were later revoked by the Vermont legislature in 1937 due to lack of ...

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2nd Vermont Infantry

Discharged. The 2nd Vermont Infantry was the first of the three years regiments from the state placed in the field as a result of this call, and it served ...

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History of Vermont

The history of Vermont begins more than 10,500 years before the present day. ... one-man, one-vote” redistricting on Vermont, giving cities an equitable ...

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Springfield High School (Vermont)

Springfield High School is a public high school in the southern Vermont town of Springfield. ... students from Springfield and neighboring Weathersfield, Vermont.

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Orleans County, Vermont

Orleans County is one of the four northernmost counties in the U.S. state of Vermont. ... See Historical U.S. Census Totals for Orleans County, Vermont ...

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The University of Vermont

The University of Vermont and State Agricultural College, more commonly known as The University of Vermont, is a national public research university and ...

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List of people from Vermont

Attended one semester at the University of Vermont ... Allen Soule, actor - often has speaking parts in films by David Mamet, former ...

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