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[https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/world-leaders-1/world-leaders-t/turkey.html Chief of State and Cabinet Members] Public ...

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Turkey (bird), several species of large birds in the genus Meleagris native to North America and Mexico including the Wild Turkey, the ...

People's Liberation Army of Turkey-Revolutionary Path of Turkey

People's Liberation Army of Turkey-Revolutionary Path of Turkey (lang-tr) was a splinter-group of the People's Liberation Army of Turkey (THKO).

communist parties in turkey, political parties established in 1975, political schisms

List of birds of Turkey

This is a list of the bird species recorded in Turkey. ... species worldwide (of which all but one are New World species) and 1 species which occurs in Turkey.

birds of turkey, lists of birds by country

Freedom of religion in Turkey

Turkey is ongoing. ... between 500 thousand and 1 million (concentrated mostly in eastern Turkey and Istanbul), do not face restrictions on their religious ...

status of religious freedom by country, human rights in turkey, religion in turkey

Armenians in Turkey

Within Turkey, are found the Hemshinli of Hemshin proper (also designated occasionally as western Hemshinli in publications) are Turkish-speaking ...

armenian diaspora, turkish armenians, turkish people of armenian descent

Music of Turkey

Dede is one of Turkey's most successful Dj's, mixing trance with historical and mystic Sufi songs.Another worldwide recognized name from the ...

balkan music, turkish music

List of cities in Turkey

This is a list of cities in Turkey by population. ... Rank City 1990 Census 2000 Census 2007 Census 2008 Census 2009 Est.

cities in turkey, lists of cities by country, turkey-related lists

Accession of Turkey to the European Union