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Narbonne (Narbona in Catalan and in Occitan, the Roman Narbo) is a commune in southern France in the Languedoc-Roussillon région.

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RC Narbonne

Racing Club de Narbonne Méditerannée (also known as RC Narbonne) is a French rugby union club that will play the 2007-08 season in the second-level ...

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Narbonne High School

Nathaniel Narbonne High School (NHS) is a school located at 24300 South Western Avenue, in the Harbor City area of Los Angeles, California.

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Makhir of Narbonne

Makhir of Narbonne was a Babylonian-Jewish scholar, perhaps the Exilarch of the Jews of Babylon, certainly the leader of the Jewish community of Narbonne in ...

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Ancient Diocese of Narbonne

The former Catholic diocese of Narbonne existed from early Christian times until the French Revolution. ... The title Archbishop of Narbonne, however, ...

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Aymeri de Narbonne

Aymeri de Narbonne is also the hero of a (probable 13th century) chanson de geste entitled Mort Aymeri (de Narbonne) (The Death of Aymeri), also ...

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Abraham ben Isaac of Narbonne

Abraham ben Isaac of Narbonne (c. 1110 - 1179) was a Provençal rabbi, also known as Raavad II, and author of the halachic work Ha-Eshkol (The ...

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Ermengarde of Narbonne

Ermengarde (Occitan: Ermengarda, Ainermada, or Ainemarda) (b. 1127 or 1129 – d. Perpignan, 14 October 1197), was a viscountess of Narbonne from ...

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Viscounts of Narbonne

Narbonne had been the capital of the ... Narbonne was nominally subject to the Carolingian Counts of Toulouse but was usually governed autonomously.

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Arrondissement of Narbonne

The arrondissement of Narbonne is an arrondissement of France, located in the Aude département, in the Languedoc-Roussillon région. It has 9 ...

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