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Lisbon (lang-pt, IPA2) is the capital and largest city of Portugal. ... he Lisbon sports clubs Sport Lisboa e Benfica (commonly "Benfica") and Sporting ...

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Lisbon is the name of several places in the world: ... Lisbon, capital city of Portugal (Lisboa in Portuguese)

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Treaty of Lisbon

The Treaty of Lisbon (also known as the Reform Treaty) was signed in Lisbon on 13 December 2007. ... The Treaty of Lisbon would create a 'High ...

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Igreja de São Roque (Lisbon)

The Igreja de São Roque (Church of Saint Roch) in Lisbon was the earliest Jesuit church in the Portuguese world, and one of the first Jesuit ...

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University of Lisbon

The University of Lisbon (Universidade de Lisboa, pron. IPA2; latin Universitas Olisiponensis) is a public university in Lisbon, Portugal.

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History of Lisbon

1 November 1755 Lisbon was destroyed by another earthquake, which killed between 60,000 and 90,000 people and destroyed eighty-five percent of the city ...

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1755 Lisbon earthquake

The 1755 Lisbon earthquake, also known as the Great Lisbon Earthquake, took place on November 1, 1755, at around 9:40 in the morning.

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Lisbon Regicide

The Lisbon Regicide occurred February 1, 1908, at the Terreiro do Paço on the Portuguese capital; ... The Lisbon Regicide was received with universal ...

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Astronomical Observatory of Lisbon

The Astronomical Observatory of Lisbon is located in “Alcântara - Tapada da Ajuda”, in the city of Lisbon. ... Astronomical Observatory of Lisbon, had a very ...

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Lisbon Portela Airport

Lisbon Portela Airport, also known as Lisbon Airport Airport codes, is located within the city of Lisbon, the capital of Portugal.

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