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Jing can refer to: ... Beijing, capital of China (name derives from Chinese jīng (京), "capital", part of Beijing (北京))

Jing Jing Luo

Jing Jing Luo (b. Beijing, China, 1953) is a Chinese composer. ... Jing Jing would never forget her teachers like Chengang and Sang Tong, whom she ...

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Hou Jing

Hou Jing (侯景) (died 552), courtesy name Wanjing (萬景), was a general for the Chinese states Northern Wei, Eastern Wei, and Liang Dynasty, and ...

6th-century rulers, chinese emperors, liang dynasty generals, northern wei generals, 552 deaths

Song Jing

Song Jing (宋璟) (663-November 21, 737), formally Duke Wenzhen of Guangping (廣平文貞公), was an official of the Chinese Tang Dynasty and Wu Zetian's Zhou ...

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Jing: King of Bandits

, also known as King of Bandit Jing, is a seven volume manga series by Yuichi Kumakura about the adventures of the bandit Jing and his partner Kir.

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Li Jing

Li Jing (李靖, pinyin: Lǐ Jìng) (571-July 2, 649), né Yaoshi (藥師/药师, pinyin: Yàoshī), formally Duke Jingwu of Wei (衛景武公), was a general and one time ...

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Xiao Jing

Xiao Jing or Classic of Filial Piety (zh-cp; alternative transliteration Hsiao Ching) is a Confucian classic treatise giving advice on filial piety;

confucian texts

Yì Jīn Jīng

The Yì Jīn Jīng (lang-zh; Wade- ... The preface is said to have been written by Li Jing, a great military officer of the Tang Dynasty (618-906 A.D).

chinese martial arts

Jing zuo

Jing zuo (Chinese: 靜坐; Pinyin: Jìngzuo; literal: "quiet sitting" / "sitting in silence") refers to the [Neo-Confucian] meditation practice ...


Emperor Jing of Han

Fa, Prince Ding of Changsha Duan, Prince Yu of Jiaoxi Sheng (劉勝), Prince Jing of Zhongshan Che (劉徹), Prince of Jiaodong Yue (劉越), Prince Hui of ...

2nd-century bc rulers, han dynasty emperors, 141 bc deaths, 188 bc births