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Its one-character abbreviation is "lang" (pinyin: jì), named after Ji Province (lang Jì Zhōu), a Han Dynasty province (zhou) that included southern ...

hebei, provinces of the people's republic of china, north china plain


The Goguryeo sites and tombs found in Ji'an, Jilin, including Wandu, Gungnae Fortress, and the pyramidal General's Tomb, have been listed as part of ...



J-1 World Heavyweight Championship, a wrestling competition ... Lawrance J-1, a early 1920s engine used in American aircraft


Jī (IAST: IAST; IPA: IPA) is a suffix or postposition used with a name or a title to show respect, in Hindi and many other languages of the Indian ...



The vehicle never flew in the final orbital capability configuration, which should have launched the OICETS satellite (which was finally launched on ...

japanese space program, space launch vehicles


Jì (冀), abbreviation for the Hebei province of the People's Republic of China Jí (吉), abbreviation for the Jilin province of the ...

Eun Ji Won

Eun Ji Won (lang-ko) (born June 8 1978) is a Korean hip-hop singer formerly of the group Sechs Kies (젝스키스). ... in 2000, in 2002 Eun Ji Won performed ...

korean-language singers, 1978 births, freestyle rappers, k-pop, korean dancers, korean male singers, korean musicians, korean pop singers, korean rappers, living people

Ruan Ji

The life and creative work of Ruan Ji is associated with the crucial and dramatic period in China history, which was followed by large changes in ...

263 deaths, cao wei musicians, guqin players, seven sages of the bamboo grove, 210 births


In 1993, Hōryū-ji was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the Japanese government lists it as a National Treasure.

buddhist temples in nara prefecture, national treasures of japan, religious organizations established in the 7th century, 600s architecture, 607 establishments

Xiao Ji

Family name: Xiao (蕭, xiāo) Given name: Ji (紀, jì) Posthumous name: None ... Xiao Yi, apprehensive of Xiao Ji's intentions, made Xiao Yuanzhao the ...

553 deaths, 6th-century rulers, liang dynasty emperors, 508 births