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Indie is a shortform of "independent"; ... music of any genre can be labeled "indie", but especially indie pop or indie rock

Indie music scenes

Indie music scenes are localized, independent, music-oriented communities that exist in many countries, especially in the USA, the United Kingdom, ...

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List of indie rock musicians

Hot Club De Paris ... Tapes 'n Tapes ... Yeah Yeah Yeahs

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Indie 2000

Indie 2000 was a series of alternative music compilations that enjoyed moderate success in Australia throughout the latter half of the 90s.

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List of indie pop artists

This is a list of indie pop artists. ... This list does not include little-known local bands. ... List of indie rock artists

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Indie pop

While the term 'indie' had been used for some time to describe artists on independent labels (and the labels themselves), the key moment in the ...

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Indie role-playing game

Indie RPGs (role-playing games) can be self-published by one or a few people who themselves control all aspects of design, promotion and ...

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Indie rock

Genres or subgenres often associated with indie rock include lo-fi, post-rock, sadcore, C86, and math rock, to list but a few;

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Australian indie rock

Australian indie rock is part of the overall flow of Australian rock history but has a distinct history somewhat separate from mainstream rock in ...

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The Public (indie band)

With the help of the band's longtime friend Elizabeth Christiansen, they also started New Orleans' first regular Indie Rock dance party called ...