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Genoa (Genova, pronounced, in Italian; Zena IPA in Genoese and Ligurian; Genua in Latin and, archaically, in English) is a city and an important ...

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Genoa is a city and port in Liguria, Italy. ... The Genoa Cricket & Football Club, an Italian football ... A genoa (sail), a type of sail

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Genoa C.F.C.

Genoa Cricket and Football Club, commonly referred to as simply Genoa or the abbreviation Genoa CFC, is a professional football and cricket club ...

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Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Genoa

The Archdiocese of Genoa (Latin: Archidioecesis Ianuensis) is a metropolitan see of the Catholic Church in Italy. ... Liguria Province of Genoa

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History of Genoa C.F.C.

The club was founded on 7 September 1893 as Genoa Cricket & Athletic Club. ... the final was played at home while Genoa beat French club Grenoble Foot 38 ...

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Genoa City (fictional city)

Genoa City, Wisconsin is the fictional setting for the long-running American CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless.

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Doge of Genoa

The Republic of Genoa (Italy) was technically a communal republic in the early Middle Ages, but in actuality it was an oligarchy ruled by a small group ...

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Republic of Genoa

The Most Serene Republic of Genoa (lang-it, Ligurian: Repúbrica de Zêna) was an independent state in Liguria on the northwestern Italian coast from ...

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Genoa Kingston High School

Genoa Kingston High School ... Genoa-Kingston Student Council is a member of the North Central District (NCD) at the district level and also a member of ...

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University of Genoa

The University of Genoa (in Italian: Università degli Studi di Genova) is one of the largest universities in Italy. ... lr=&q=genoa+university+founded+ ...

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