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Third are the Peregrine Falcon and its relatives: large powerful birds which also have a black malar area (except some very light color morphs), and ...

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DARPA Falcon Project (Force Application and Launch from Continental United States or FALCON), a proposed unmanned spaceplane capable of ...


Estado Falcón is one of the 23 states (estados) into which Venezuela is divided. The ... The State is named after President Juan Crisostomo Falcon.

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There are several rockets called Falcon:

active united states military aircraft, jet aircraft, single engine aircraft, united states fighter aircraft 1970-1979, lockheed martin aircraft

F-16 Fighting Falcon variants

A large number of F-16 Fighting Falcon variants have been produced by General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, and various licensed manufacturers.

active united states military aircraft, united states fighter aircraft 1970-1979, lockheed aircraft

Ford Falcon (Australia)

The final E-series model, the Ford EL Falcon, was merely a facelift of the EF intended to keep sales strong until the sixth generation AU falcon was ...

ford falcon, rear wheel drive vehicles, sedans, station wagons, vehicles introduced in 1960

F-16 Fighting Falcon operators

Of the production and sub-contracting work to build the Fighting Falcon. ... A second PEACE FALCON program delivered a further 17 aircraft of similar type.

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Robert Falcon Scott

By October he was en route to South Africa to join HMS Boadicea, the flagship of the Cape squadron, the first of several ships on which he served ...

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Falcon Crest

Sleazy villain who manipulates his way into Emma's affections and tries to kill Angela to gain control of Falcon Crest (Season 9)

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