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[https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/world-leaders-1/world-leaders-e/egypt.html Chief of State and Cabinet Members]

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Egypt may refer to: ... Little Egypt (region), a regional name indicating southern Illinois ... New Egypt, New Jersey Brands and titles

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Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt was an ancient civilization in eastern North Africa, concentrated along the lower reaches of the Nile River in what is now the modern ...

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Freedom of religion in Egypt

There were several violent incidents in Upper Egypt, including an attack by Bedouins on the Abu Fana monastery, arson attacks on Christian-owned ...

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List of birds of Egypt

This is a list of the known species of the birdlife found in Egypt, a country located in North-East Africa. ... worldwide and 1 species which occur in Egypt.

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Economy of Egypt

Occupying the northeast corner of the African continent, Egypt is bisected by the highly fertile Nile valley, where most economic activity takes ...

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History of Egypt under the Muhammad Ali dynasty

The history of Egypt under the Muhammad Ali Pasha dynasty was a period of rapid reform and modernization that led to Egypt becoming one of the most ...

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History of ancient Egypt

History of ancient Egypt spans the period from the early predynastic settlements of the northern Nile Valley to the Roman conquest in 30 BC. The Pharaonic ...

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Plagues of Egypt

The tenth and final plague of Egypt was the death of all Egyptian first born males — no one escaped, from the lowest servant to Pharaoh's own first- ...

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History of Ottoman Egypt

After the conquest of Egypt the Ottoman sultan Selim I left the country, leaving his viceroy Khair Bey with a guard of 5,000 janissaries, but ...

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