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According to official statistics from January 2009, 81.5% of the population of Denmark are members of the Lutheran state church, the Danish National ...

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Denmark (European Parliament constituency), the associated ... Denmark Sound (Danmark fjord), on the northeast tip of Greenland

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2006 Danmark Rundt

The 2006 Danmark Rundt was a road bicycle race held from 2 to 6 August 2006. ... 3 flagicon Alex Rasmussen Team Post Danmark s.t.

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Danmark Rundt

In 2006 Post Danmark Rundt was won by Fabian Cancellara, Team CSC ahead of Stuart O'Grady, also Team CSC. ... |flagicon Danmark-Bikuben 1988

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Frikorps Danmark

Frikorps Danmark (Free Corps Denmark) was a Danish volunteer army corps created by the Danish Nazi Party in cooperation with Germany, to fight the ...

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2004 Danmark Rundt

The 2004 Danmark Rundt was ridden from 4 August to 8 August 2005. ... Glenn Bak Team Post Danmark DEN 22 points 5 Jimmy Engoulvent Cofidis FRA 20 points Full ...

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2005 Danmark Rundt

The 2005 Danmark Rundt was ridden from 3 August to 7 August 2005. ... Mortensen Team Post Danmark DEN 36 points 3 Sergey Matveyev Paniare Navigare ITA 28 points 4 ...

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Venture Cup Danmark

The purpose of Venture Cup Danmark is to help universities ... Venture Cup Danmark performs different tasks to achieve its goals. ... Venture Cup Danmark

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Pigespejdernes Fællesråd Danmark

Pigespejdernes Fællesråd Danmark (PFD, The Joint Committee of Girl Guides in Denmark) is the national Guiding federation of Denmark.

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Post Danmark

Post Danmark A/S is the company responsible for the Danish postal service. ... As of 2007, Post Danmark employs about 21,000 people, and delivers ...

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