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The population of Croatia has been rising from 3,430,270 in 1931 to 4,784,265 in 1991 http://www.vojska.net/eng/armed-forces/croatia/about/population/ ...

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Only Croatia – Movement for Croatia

Only Croatia – Movement for Croatia (lang-hr) - is a right wing political party in Croatia, formed in 2007 with no parliamentary representation.

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Independent State of Croatia

The Independent State of Croatia (lang-hr, NDH) was a puppet state of Nazi Germany. ... States, the Independent State of Croatia declared war on the United ...

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List of birds of Croatia

This is a list of the bird species recorded in Croatia. ... (Ex) Extirpated A species that no longer occurs in Croatia although populations exist ...

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Air Force of the Independent State of Croatia

Independent State of Croatia, the Zrakoplovstvo Nezavisne Države Hrvatske (ZNDH) was a national air force of the Independent State of Croatia during World ...

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History of Croatia

The civilian population fled the areas of armed conflict en masse: generally speaking, hundreds of thousands of Croats moved away from the Bosnian ...

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List of German exonyms for places in Croatia

This is a list of German exonyms for toponyms in Croatia. ... Also, parts of Croatia ruled by Austria-Hungary were formerly governed by Italy, and ...

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List of football clubs in Croatia

This is a list of football clubs located in Croatia and the leagues and divisions they play in within the Croatian football league system.

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Transport in Croatia

Transport in Croatia relies on several main modes, including transport by road, rail, water and air. ... From Croatia, there are many international bus ...

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Foreign relations of Croatia

Association Agreement shortly thereafter, while the ten EU countries that were admitted to membership that year ratified it en masse at a European Summit.

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