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Cortes or Cortés can refer to: ... Hernán Cortés, 16th century Spanish ... Pablo Cortés, 18th century Spanish slave trader

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Hernán Cortés

While he is often now referred to as Hernán Cortez (IPA-en), in his time he called himself Hernando or Fernando Cortés(IPA-en).

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Cortes Generales

The Cortes Generales (Spanish for General Courts or Cortes Españolas, Spanish Courts) is the legislature of Spain. ... This allowed the Cortes to ...

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Puerto Cortés

Because of its proximity to U.S. seaports in the Gulf of Mexico and on the East Cost and its outstanding seaport infrastructure, Puerto Cortes was ...

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Garðar Thór Cortes

Garðar Thór Cortes (pronounced) (born 2 May 1974), is an Icelandic tenor of Icelandic and English parentage. ... His first album in the UK, Cortes, ...

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Cádiz Cortes

The Cádiz Cortes were sessions of the national legislative body (traditionally known in Spain as the Cortes) which met in the safe haven of Cádiz ...

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Pedro A. Cortés

Pedro A. Cortés (born on May 28, 1966 in Carolina, Puerto Rico) is the current Secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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Mapy Cortés

Mapy Cortes (1910 – 1998), born Maria del Pilar Cordero in Santurce, Puerto Rico, was a famous actress that participated in many films during the ...

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Fernando de Alva Cortés Ixtlilxochitl

Fernando de Alva Cortés Ixtlilxóchitl (b. between 1568 and 1580, Texcoco-1648, Mexico City) was a Novohispanic historian.

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Julio César Cortés

'Julio César "El Pocho" Cortés' (born March 29, 1941) is an Uruguayan football coach and former midfielder who participated in three World Cups ...

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