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Arctic Cordillera, the mountain ranges along northeastern edge of the Arctic Archipelago and the northeasternmost part of the Ungava Peninsula ...

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Cordillera Central (Luzon)

The Cordillera Central is a massive mountain range situated in the northern central part of the island of Luzon, in the Philippines.

mountain ranges of the philippines

Arctic Cordillera

The Arctic Cordillera is a vast deeply dissected chain ... The term cordillera refers to several different regions associated with the mountain range.

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Western Cordillera (North America)

The Western Cordillera (also called North American Cordillera, Western Cordillera of North America, Pacific Cordillera and, in Canada in reference ...

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Football Federation of the 3rd Department Cordillera

3rd Department Cordillera (Federación de Fútbol Tercer Departamento Cordillera) is the departamental governing body of football (soccer) in the ...

paraguayan departamental football federations

Cordillera Department

Cordillera is a department in Paraguay. ... are crisscrossed by the Cordillera de Los Altos, whose ... The department Cordillera is primarily agricultural.

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List of radio stations in Cordillera Autonomous Region

Bontoc, Mountain Province FM Stations Frequency Name Website Format Call Sign Live Stream Covered Location Owner 100.9 FM Radyo Natin 100.9 - Bontoc ...

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Cordillera Negra

In the north and east the cordillera is bordered by Río Santa which crosses the coastal ridge at 8° 45' S and runs parallel to the Cordillera Negra ...

mountain ranges of peru

Cordillera Blanca

The Cordillera Blanca (Spanish for "White Range") is a mountain range in the Ancash Region of Peru. ... Snow melt from the Cordillera Blanca has ...

mountain ranges of peru

Cordillera Administrative Region

The Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR), Philippines' only land-locked region, consists of the provinces of Abra, Benguet, Ifugao, Kalinga, ...

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