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Bucharest (lang-ro IPAudio) is the capital city, industrial and commercial centre of Romania. ... architecture can also be found in Bucharest's residential ...

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History of Bucharest

The history of Bucharest covers the time from the early settlements on the locality's territory (and that of the surrounding area in Ilfov County) ...

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Bucharest student movement of 1956

Students' reactions were far more cautious at many of technical learning institutes (Petroleum and Gas, Agronomy), at the University of Bucharest's ...

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Bucharest Metro

The Bucharest Metro (Metroul Bucureşti in Romanian) is an underground urban railway network that serves the capital of Romania, Bucharest.

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Legionnaires' rebellion and Bucharest pogrom

Rebellion, Antonescu avoided direct confrontation with the Legionnaires, but brought military units, including 100 tanks, into Bucharest from other cities.

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Transport in Bucharest

Bucharest boasts the largest transport network in Romania, and one of the largest in Europe. ... situated only 8 km north of the Bucharest city center and is ...

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2008 Bucharest summit

The 2008 Bucharest Summit or the 20th NATO Summit was a NATO summit organized in Bucharest, Romania on 2–4 April 2008.

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Politehnica University of Bucharest

Universitatea Politehnica din Bucureşti is a technical university in Bucharest, Romania. ... Since 1991, University Politehnica of Bucharest offers ...

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2008 FIA GT Bucharest 2 Hours

The 2008 Bucharest City Challenge was the sixth round of the 2008 FIA GT Championship season. ... Unlike the previous running at Bucharest in 2007, the ...

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University of Bucharest

The University of Bucharest (lang-ro), in Romania, is a university founded in 1864 by decree of Prince Alexander John Cuza to convert the former Saint ...

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