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Bissau is the capital city of Guinea-Bissau. ... Bissau is the country's largest city, major port, educational, administrative and military center.

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List of birds of Guinea-Bissau

This is a list of the bird species recorded in Guinea-Bissau. ... brightly coloured. There are 2 species worldwide and 1 species which occurs in Guinea-Bissau.

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Guinea-Bissau legislative election, 2008

A parliamentary election was held on 16 November 2008 in Guinea-Bissau. ... River Basin, who expressed optimism regarding Guinea-Bissau's political situation.

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List of mammals of Guinea-Bissau

EN Endangered The species is facing an extremely high risk of extinction in the wild. ... African Wild Dog Lycaon pictus EN

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[https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/world-leaders-1/world-leaders-g/guinea-bissau.html Chief of State and Cabinet Members]

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Guinea-Bissau Civil War

The Guinea-Bissau Civil War was triggered by an attempted coup d'état against the government of President João Bernardo Vieira led by Brigadier- ...

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Guinea-Bissau presidential election, 2005

Guinea-Bissau held a presidential election on 19 June 2005, and a second round run-off vote was held on 24 July. ... 24T144505Z_01_N24219866_RTRIDST_0_INTERNATIONAL-BISS ...

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Outline of Guinea-Bissau

Guinea-Bissau, officially the Republic of Guinea-Bissau, is a country in western Africa, and one of the smallest nations in continental Africa.

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History of Guinea-Bissau

The history of Guinea-Bissau was dominated by Portugal from the 1450s to the 1970s; ... Guinea-Bissau's transition back to democracy has been ...

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Guinea-Bissau War of Independence

Guinea-Bissau War of Independence was an armed conflict and national liberation struggle in Guinea-Bissau between 1963 and 1974.

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