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Audio (pron-en or IPAlink-en in English; Chinese: lang; pinyin: Běijīng; IPA2; Wade-Giles: Peiching or Pei-ching) (also formerly known in English as ...

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Beijing Beijing, I Love Beijing

"Beijing Beijing, I Love Beijing" (Chinese: zh-cp) is a Chinese song written by Kwan Ju and performed by Guan Zhe on the official Beijing 2008 ...

Beijing city fortifications

During the early Ming, when beijing was chosen as the new capital, Beijing was carefully planned, an axis running through the northern and southern ...

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Beijing opera

Beijing opera or Peking opera (zh-stp) is a form of traditional Chinese theatre which combines music, vocal performance, mime, dance and acrobatics.

beijing opera

History of Beijing

The history of Beijing or Peking can be traced back 3,000 years, when it was the capital of the ancient State of Yan. ... the Ming Dynasty, Beijing took its ...

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Beijing Capital International Airport

Beijing Capital International Airport, (zh-stp) Airport codes is the main international airport of Beijing, China. ... For rates, see http://en.bcia. ...

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Beijing Subway

The Beijing Subway (zh-stp) is a rapid transit rail network that serves the urban and suburban districts of Beijing municipality.

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Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, now known as Beihang University (zh-st, abbreviated as BUAA or Beihang) is a public university ...

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Beijing Welcomes You

Beijing Welcomes You (zh-tsp) is a feature song for the 100-day countdown of the 2008 Summer ... 【chéng lóng】 Běijīng huānyíng nǐ wèi nǐ kāitiānpìdì

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Beijing Institute of Technology

Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) (zh-st), formerly known as 北京工业学院, is a leading public, co-educational, national key university, located in ...

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