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These reforms were often opposed vigorously by powerful groups within Bahrain including sections within the ruling family, tribal forces, the ...

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2008 Bahrain Grand Prix

The teams, also known as "constructors", were Ferrari, McLaren–Mercedes, Renault, Honda, Force India, BMW Sauber, Toyota, Red Bull Racing, Williams, ...

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2007 Bahrain Grand Prix

Unlike the morning session, however, Ferrari did not have both their cars occupying the top two as Massa's fastest time was fourth fastest, with ...

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Bahrain national football team results

|FlagiconBahrain Abdullah Omar goal ... |FlagiconBahrain Abdullatif goal Fatadi goal Salman Isa goal January 28, 2009 2011 AFC Asian Cup qualification

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Bahrain national football team

Bahrain won FIFA's most improved team award in 2004, and finished ... Bahrain played in group D in the 2007 AFC Asian Cup qualification group games.

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Bahraini Premier League

Founded 1952 Nation flag Number of Teams 19 Asian Qualification AFC Cup Cups King's Cup FA Cup Crown Prince Cup Most time Champions Muharraq Club ( ...

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Bahrain at the 2008 Summer Olympics

Medalists Medal Name Sport Event gold medal Rashid Ramzi Athletics Men's 1500 metres Athletics Athlete Events Heats Quarterfinals Semifinals Final ...

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Coat of arms of Bahrain

The coat of arms contains the same design as that found on the national flag ... The five white indendentations represent the five pillars of Islam.

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Bahrain at the Olympics

They have never competed in the Winter Games. ... Bahrain has won one Olympic medal. Rashid Ramzi in 2008.

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The first one was used from the independence of Bahrain in 1971 until 2002, and the other was used since the country's ruler Hamad ibn Isa Al ...

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