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Aveiro (pronounced) is a city of some 73.559 people and a municipality in Portugal with a total area of 199.9 km² and a total population of 73,559 ...

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Aveiro University

Aveiro University is a nationally and internationally prestigiously regarded Portuguese new generation public university with its headquartes ...

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Duke of Aveiro

The Dukes of Aveiro was an aristocratic Portuguese title with the level of Royal Dukedom, close related to the Portuguese Royal House.

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Álvaro of Lencastre, 3rd Duke of Aveiro

Of Aveiro died, in 1578 in the Battle of Alcácer Quibir, together with King Sebastian I of Portugal and most Portuguese nobles, the Dukedom of Aveiro ...

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José Aveiro

José Raul Aveiro Lamas (born 18 July 1936 in Asunción) is a retired Paraguayan football player who played for Sportivo Luqueño, Valencia CF and ...

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Gabriel of Lencastre, 7th Duke of Aveiro

He was the 2nd male son of Manuel Ponce de León, 6th Duke of Los Arcos, in Spain, and Maria de Guadalupe of Lencastre, 6th Duchess of Aveiro.

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Greater Metropolitan Area of Aveiro

The Greater Metropolitan Area of Aveiro (lang-pt) in Portugal consists of 13 municipalities that makes the fourth most populous metropolitan area ...

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Aveiro (district)

The District of Aveiro (pron. IPA2) is located in the central coastal region of Portugal, the District Capital is the city of Aveiro.

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Estádio Municipal de Aveiro

Estádio Municipal de Aveiro is a football (soccer) stadium in Aveiro, Portugal. ... It seats 30,970 people.http://www.fussballtempel.net/uefa/ ...

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George of Lencastre, 2nd Duke of Aveiro

Dom Jorge de Lencastre, or George of Lencastre (1548–1578), was the older son of John of Lencastre, 1st Duke of Aveiro and of his wife Juliana de ...

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