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Asie du Sud-Est

Georges Condominas

A propos de l’Asie du Sud-Est, Paris, Flammarion, 1980 (transl. Vietnamese, Hanoi, 1997). ... ’étude de l’esclavage en Asie du Sud- Est, Paris, EHESS, 1998 ...

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Denise Bernot

Professor there. She is the widow of Lucien Bernot (1919-1993) who was professor at the Collège de France in the chair 'Sociographie de l'Asie du Sud-Est'.

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Southeast Asia

In the Malay Archipelago, people living in Malaysia, western Indonesia and Brunei practice mainly Islam. ... Main styles of traditional music can be ...

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Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris

6 Maison de l'Asie du Sud-Est, designed by Pierre Martin and Maurice Vieu 1930 ... 9 Maison du Brésil designed by Le Corbusier and Lucio Costa.

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The Association of Southeast Asian Nations, commonly abbreviated ASEAN (generally pron-en respell, occasionally IPAlink-en respell in English, the ...

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Jean-Edern Hallier

His father's side, Jean-Edern later (L'évangile du fou) claimed his mothers' Alsatian and Jewish ... Un barbare en Asie du Sud-Est, Editions Néo, 1980;

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Southeast Asia Treaty Organization

The Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO), was an international organization for collective defense created by the Southeast Asia Collective ...

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History of Laos to 1945

The idea of a separate Lao nationality was formed ... In Histoire de l'Asie du Sud-est: Révoltes, Réformes, Révolutions, Pierre Brocheux (ed.), 47-62.

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History of Southeast Asia

For instance, the Malay empires of Srivijaya and Malacca covered modern day Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore while the Burmese, Thai, and Khmer ...

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Robert von Heine-Geldern

"L'art prébouddhique de la Chine et de 1'Asie du Sud-Est et son influence en Océanie," Revue des Arts Asiatiques (XI), 1937, pp. 177-206.

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