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The war was a success for the Karabakh Armenian forces who managed to secure 14% of Azerbaijan's internationally recognised territory including ...

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Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia, Armenian state along the coast of the Mediterranean around the time of the Crusades Places

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Pour toi Arménie

"Pour toi Arménie"(English Translation: "For You, Armenia") is a 1989 song written and composed by Charles Aznavour, and recorded by a group of ...

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Papier d'Arménie

Papier d'Arménie, or Armenian Paper is sold as booklets of twelve sheets of paper each cut into three pieces, which are coated with benzoin resin, ...


Fondation Université Française en Arménie

Fondation Université Française en Arménie is a French language higher educational institution in Armenia. ... It has been established with the help of ...

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History of Armenia

The Nagorno-Karabakh war pitted Armenians of Nagorno-Karabakh, backed by Armenia, against the Army of Azerbaijan. Following the Armenian victory, ...

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Bagratuni Kingdom of Armenia

"Les Taronites en Arménie et à Byzance." ... "Ašot Ercat ou de fer roi d’Arménie de 915 à ... "L'administration byzantine en Arménie aux Xe - XIe siècles."

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List of dignitaries at the funeral of Pope John Paul II

Armenia (Arménie) Flag of Arménie Andranik Markaryan Edward Nalbandian Rouben Shugarian Armen Bayburtian Gevorg Hakobian Prime Minister ...

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Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia

In 1198 Prince Leo II managed to secure his crown ... L'Arménie à l'épreuve des siècles, Découvertes Gallimard, 2005, ISBN 9782070314096 See also

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Leo V, King of Armenia

Leo was described as "Leon V, King of Armenia" on his own personal seal ("SIGILUM LEONIS QUINTI REGIS ARMENIE"), and as "Leon de Lusignan the Fifth" ...

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