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Argentine fisheries bring in about a million tons of catch annually and are centered around argentine hake which makes up 50% of the catch, pollack, ...

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Argentine, Argentinian, and Argentinean refer to anything that originates in Argentina, a country in South America. ... Argentine Township, South ...


La Argentina, the stage name of Antonia Mercé y Luque (1890–1936), an Argentine flamenco dancer ... class destroyer of the Argentine Navy

Argentine rock

Today it is widely considered the most prolific and successful form of Rock en Español, and one of the most important non-English language forms of ...

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Argentine Constitution of 1853

The Argentine Constitution of 1853 was the first constitution of Argentina, approved with the support of the governments of the provinces -though ...

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Afro Argentine

Resulting from the slave trade during the centuries of Spanish domination of the Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata had a major role in Argentine history.

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German Argentine

However, Marisa Micolis’ 1973 anthropological study of one colonia in Misiones, Une communauté allemande en Argentine: Eldorado: Problèmes d’ ...

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Argentine tango

Argentine Tango is a social dance and a musical genre that originated in Argentina and moved to Uruguay and to the rest of the world later on.


Argentine economic crisis (1999–2002)

The Argentine economic crisis was part of the situation that affected Argentina's economy during the late 1990s and early 2000s.

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Argentine cuisine

Another determining factor in Argentine cuisine is that Argentina is one of the world's major food producers. ... dishes popular, and Argentine pizza use more ...

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