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In northern U.S. dialects, the mountains are pron-en or IPA. The cultural region of Appalachia is pronounced IPA, also IPA, all with a third ...

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Social and economic stratification in Appalachia

Appalachia is particularly interesting in the context of social and economic divisions that exist within and between the region’s socioeconomic ...

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World Vision Appalachia

World Vision's work in Appalachia, United States began in 1983 when the organization provided a $1000 grant to help fund the construction of a ...

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Appalachia, Virginia

Appalachia is a town in Wise County, Virginia, United States. ... Appalachia is home to two public schools, Appalachia Elementary School and Appalachia ...

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Appalachia High School

Appalachia High School, located in Appalachia, Virginia is part of Wise County Public Schools. ... In most parts of the campus the town of Appalachia ...

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Appalachia (Mesozoic)

In the Mesozoic Era, Appalachia was a land area which is now an eastern part of the USA, separated from Laramidia by the Western Interior Seaway, ...

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Be Ready Boys: Appalachia to Abilene

Be Ready Boys: Appalachia to Abilene is an album of American musicians Norman Blake and Rich O'Brien, released in 1999.

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The area west of the Appalachian Mountains is a region known as trans-Appalachia. ... First US inhabitants of the trans-Appalachia region

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Appalachia Waltz

Appalachia Waltz is the first album from the trio of fiddler and composer Mark O'Connor, ... "Appalachia Waltz" (Mark O'Connor - arr:Meyer)

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Appalachia Service Project

Appalachia Service Project, Inc. or ASP is a Christian volunteer organization operating in Central Appalachia, specifically in the states of ...

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