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It is the capital of both Antofagasta Province and Antofagasta Region. ... script=sci_arttext&pid=S0716-02082000000200002&lng=en&nrm=iso&tlng=en ...

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Antofagasta is a word of Quechua or Aymara origin meaning "town of the great saltpeter bed." ... Antofagasta de la Sierra Department, the ...

Ferrocarril de Antofagasta a Bolivia

The Ferrocarril de Antofagasta a Bolivia (in English: Antofagasta (Chili) & Bolivia Railway or for short: FCAB) is a non-government railway ...

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Antofagasta Region

II Región de Antofagasta See other Chilean regions Capital Antofagasta Provinces Tocopilla ... the new territories of Antofagasta and Tarapacá, ...

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Club de Deportes Antofagasta

Club de Deportes Antofagasta, is a Chilean football club based in the city of Antofagasta. ... and changed the club's name to Club de Deportes Antofagasta.

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Antofagasta PLC

Antofagasta plc (lse) is a Chilean business that operates in various sectors of the economy. ... Today, Antofagasta is one of the major international ...

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2007 Antofagasta earthquake

The 2007 Antofagasta earthquake was an earthquake registered on November 14, 2007 at 15:40:53 UTC (12:40:53 local time).

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Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Antofagasta

Archbishops of Antofagasta (Roman ... Bishops of Antofagasta (Roman rite) ... Vicars Apostolic of Antofagasta (Roman rite)

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Antofagasta de la Sierra

Antofagasta de la Sierra is a volcanic field in Argentina. ... The caldera lies west of Antofagasta de la Sierra and the other volcanic field to the ...

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Salado River (Antofagasta, Chile)

Salado River is a river of Chile located in El Loa Province, Antofagasta Region. ... water for domestic consumption in Antofagasta and Tocopilla, among other ...

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