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Antique dealers are often members of national trade associations, many of which themselves belong to CINOA, a confederation of art and antique ...



Antique may refer to: Antique, an old collectible item ... Antique (duo), a Greek-Swede musical group

Antique guns

Antique guns are usually collected because of their historic interest. ... Cartridge firing Antique Firearms are more ... REGULATIONS PRESCRIBING ANTIQUE FIREARMS

early firearms

Antique radio

An antique radio is a radio receiving set that is collectible ... The sound quality of antique radios depends on the technologies used in the set.

antiques, history of radio, radio electronics

Antique (province)

Antique is a province of the Philippines located in the Western Visayas region. ... The Antique was then known as Hantik, which was named after the ...

provinces of the philippines

The Antique Gift Shop

The Antique Gift Shop (ko-hhrm) is a manhwa created by Lee Eun. ... with stellar grades who was tricked by her grandmother to run an antique shop instead.

manhwa titles

Antique Temple

Frederick the Great had the building constructed to house his collection of antique artifacts, coins and gems. ... final resting place in the Antique Temple:

buildings and structures in brandenburg, potsdam

Antique Bakery

The series won the 2002 Kodansha Manga Award for shōjo The manga was adapted as a Japanese TV drama, with the title Antique or Antique Cake Store, ...

winner of kodansha manga award (shojo), anime of 2008, lgbt literature, manga of 1999, romantic comedy anime and manga, shojo, shonen-ai

DeBence Antique Music World

DeBence Antique Music World is a museum in Franklin, Pennsylvania whose collection contains more than 100 antique mechanical musical instruments, ...

museums in pennsylvania, music museums

Beijing Antique Market

Beijing Antique Market is Beijing’s biggest and best-known arts, crafts, and antiques market, the Chinese name is called "Panjiayuan".

markets in china