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Algeria (lang, al-Jazā’ir IPA2, Dzayer, IPA), officially the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria, is a country located in North Africa.

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List of postal codes in Algeria

List of postal codes of cities in Algeria; ... En Nedjma : 31101 ... Saïda en-Nasr : 20002

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French Algeria

Statut des musulmans en Algérie coloniale, Une nationalité française dénaturée, European University Institute, Florence (on the legal statuses of Muslim ...

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List of birds of Algeria

Species recorded in Algeria. The avifauna of Algeria includes a total of 397 species, of which 1 is endemic, 4 have been introduced by humans, and 13 are ...

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2008 in Algeria

Events from the year 2008 in Algeria ... The soldiers acted on information that the terrorists were en route to Beni Douala in a car.

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History of Algeria

Modern Algeria is mainly Arabic-speaking, but a large portion of the population still speaks Berber, surviving from Neolithic times.

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Nationalism and resistance in Algeria

A new generation of Muslim leadership emerged in Algeria at the time of World War I and grew to maturity during the 1920s and 1930s.

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History of Algeria (1960s to 1980s)

History of the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria, 1962-present ... Algeria's leaders were stunned in December 1991 when FIS candidates won absolute ...

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Algeria national football team

The Algeria national football team, nicknamed Les Fennecs (The Desert Foxes), is the national team of Algeria and is controlled by the Fédération ...

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Rock art of south Oran (Algeria)

The rock art of south Oran, are prehistoric engravings of Neolithic age in the south of Oran Province, Algeria, in the Saharan Atlas Mountains, in ...

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