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Aleutian Islands

Aleutian Islands

The Aleutian Islands (possibly from Chukchi aliat, "island") are a chain of more than 300 small volcanic islands forming a volcanic arc in the ...

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Aleutian Islands Campaign

The Aleutian Islands campaign was a struggle over the Aleutian Islands, part of Alaska, in the Pacific campaign of World War II. A small Japanese ...

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List of Aleutian Islands

Major groups in the Aleutian Islands are listed from east to west, and islands within each group are listed alphabetically.

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1946 Aleutian Islands earthquake

The tsunami is locally known in Hawaii as the April Fools Day Tsunami in Hawaii due to people thinking the warnings were an April Fools prank.

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Round Island (Aleutian Islands)

Aleut) is a 0.1-mile-wide (160 m) island in the Krenitzin Islands, a subgroup of the Fox Islands group of the Aleutian Islands in the U.S. state of Alaska.

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Fire Island (Aleutian Islands)

Fire Island is located in the eastern Aleutian Islands at coord. ... Originally, this Fire Island was named New Bogoslof (also Grewingk, after an ...

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Aleutian Islands Wilderness

The Aleutian Islands Wilderness is a wilderness area in the Aleutian Islands of the U.S. state of Alaska. It is about 1,300,000 acres (5,300 km²) ...

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Amchitka (pronEng) (Amchixtax̂ in Aleut) is a volcanic, tectonically unstable island in the Rat Islands group of the Aleutian Islands in southwest ...

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Pacific ocean perch

The species appears to be most abundant in northern British Columbia, the Gulf of Alaska, and the Aleutian Islands (Allen and Smith 1988).

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Unalaska, Alaska

Unalaska and Amaknak Islands contained 24 settlements with more than 1,000 Aleut inhabitants in 1759, when the first Russian group under Stepan ...

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