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Alenquer (pron. IPA2) is a municipality in Portugal with a total area of 304.2 km² and a total population of 42,932 inhabitants.

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Pêro de Alenquer

Pêro de Alenquer (15th century) Portuguese explorer of the African coast. ... Latter wrote a description of Vasco da ... Pêro was born in Alenquer, Lisbon.

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Ota (Alenquer)

Ota is a Portuguese parish, located in the municipality of Alenquer. It has a population of 1,198 inhabitants and a total area of 46.36 km².

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Alenquer IPR

Alenquer is a Portuguese wine region centered around the town of Alenquer in the Estremadura region. ... The white wines tend to be dry with a creamy ...


Infanta Sancha, Lady of Alenquer

Infanta Sancha of Portugal (pronounced), was a Portuguese infanta, second daughter of King Sancho I of ... She was the feudal Lady of Alenquer.

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European exploration of Africa

In 1488, Bartolomeu Dias and his pilot Pêro de Alenquer, after putting down a mutiny, turned a cape where they were caught by a storm, naming it ...

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Damião de Góis

Damiao de Góis (pronounced) (February 2, 1502 - January 30, 1574) born in Alenquer, Portugal, was an important Portuguese humanist philosopher.

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2005-06 in Portuguese rink hockey

34 17 9 CD Paço d'Arcos 26 31 16 10 Famalicense AC 26 28 14 11 CD Nortecoope 26 24 12 12 S Alenquer B 26 24 12 13 HC Braga 26 21 11 14 HA Cambra 26 18 9

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Carregado (pron. IPA2) is a Portuguese parish, located in the municipality of Alenquer. ... The town is a north-east exurb of Lisbon.

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List of Celtic place names in Portugal

List of towns and places Celtic name Modern name Alanobricae Eiras in Santo Amaro Anobrega Ponte da Barca Arabriga probably Alenquer or between ...

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