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Alegre, Espírito Santo

Alegre is a municipality located in the Brazilian state of Espírito Santo. Its population was 32,523 (2005) and its area is 773 km².

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Porto Alegre

Porto Alegre (Audio) is the 10th most populous municipality in Brazil, 4th largest Metropolitan Area in the country, and the capital city of the ...

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Manuel de Araújo Porto-alegre

Manuel José de Araújo Porto-alegre (Rio Pardo, Rio ... yet being wrong the name Porto-Alegre or Porto Alegre, it has been used by some biographers.

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Porto Alegre City Council

The Porto Alegre City Council is the Legislative branch of Porto Alegre. ... Porto Alegre City Council oversees all Executive agencies, departments, ...

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Government of Porto Alegre

The government of Porto Alegre, bound to the Porto Alegre City Charter, is a mayor-council form of government, which is mandated by the Brazilian ...

Manuel Alegre

Manuel Alegre de Melo Duarte, GCL (born Águeda, 12 May 1936), is a Portuguese poet and politician, member of the Socialist Party, and an ...

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Francisco Javier Alegre

Francisco Javier Alegre (November 12, 1729 - August 16, 1788), was a Jesuit scholar, translator, and historian of New Spain.

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Monte Alegre de Goiás

Monte Alegre is located in the statistical micro-region of Chapada dos Veadeiros and is 31 kilometers south of the border with Tocantins.

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Mayor of Porto Alegre

The Mayor of Porto Alegre is the Chief Executive of the city. ... jurisdiction List of Mayors of Porto Alegre 1 Alfredo Augusto Azevedo October 12, ...

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Buriti Alegre

Highway connections from Goiânia are made by BR-153, passing ... Buriti Alegre began in 1910 with the construction of a chapel on the Buriti ranch.

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