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Socialist People's Republic of Albania

Socialist People's Republic of Albania (Albanian Republika Popullore Socialiste e Shqipërisë) was the official name of Albania during the communist ...

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List of birds of Albania

This is a list of the bird species recorded in Albania. ... with their necks retracted. There are 61 species worldwide and 8 species which occur in Albania.

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Big Brother 1 (Albania)

Big Brother 1 (Albania) was the debut season of the Albanian series of the worldwide franchise of Big Brother. ... the first season of Big Brother Albania.

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List of Albania-related articles

Articles (arranged alphabetically) related to Albania include: ... People's Assembly of Albania ... USA-Albania Friendship Association V

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History of Albania

Illyrian tribe named Albanoi, which was located in modern-day Albania.http://www.promacedonia.org/en/nm/kosovo.html Other scholars dispute this and claim ...

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Zog of Albania

Zog I, Skanderbeg III of the Albanians (born Ahmet Zogolli, later changed to Ahmet Zogu) (8 October 1895 - 9 April 1961) was King of Albania from ...

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National Renaissance of Albania

National Renaissance (lang-sq) refers to the period of History of Albania between 1831 until the Declaration of Independence in 1912.

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Albania national football team

The Albania national football team is the national football team of Albania and is controlled by the Football Association of Albania.

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Education in Albania

Shkodër, though there are mentions of Albanian schools by Franciscans since 1638 http://www.greekhelsinki.gr/pdf/cedime-se-albania-catholics.doc in Pdhanë.

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Albania in the Middle Ages

14th century, enabling the Serbs' most powerful medieval ruler, Stefan Dusan, to establish a short-lived empire that included all of Albania except Durrës.

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