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Al Diwaniyah

Al Diwaniyah

For birdwatchers, Al-Diwaniyah is a city with a rich bird list, as the city has a wide range of biodiversity. Al-Qadisiyah consists of vast ...

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Al Qadissiya University

Al Qadissiya University (Arabic: جامعة القادسية )is one of the Iraqi Universities established in 1987 in Al Diwaniyah, Al-Qādisiyyah, Iraq.

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List of cities in Iraq

Din الدور 21,120 Al Diwaniyah Al-Qādisiyyah لديوانية 466,800 Afak Al-Qādisiyyah عفك 48,258 Al-Awja Salah ad Din العوجا 8,383 Basra Basra البصرة 2,300,125 ...

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Mohammed Ali al-Hasani

Mohammed Ali al-Hasani was the governor of Iraq's southern Al Muthanna province until he was killed by a roadside bomb on August 20, 2007.

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Albu Salih

The Albu Salih tribe (lang-ar) is an original Arabic tribe that descends from the Shammar tribe, through the Al Aslam tribe.

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Task Force Tripoli

On May 3, each LAR battalion independently left the 1st Marine Division's assembly area in Al Diwaniyah and moved out to their individual staging ...

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Al-Qādisiyyah Governorate

Al-Qādisiyyah (in Arabic: ... Before 1976, it was part of the ad-Diwāniyyah Province, along with al-Muthannā Governorate and Najaf Governorate.

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ITC Investment & Technology Group

ITC Construction has been involved with the United Nations in constructing buildings ... The group is currently involved in Al Diwaniyah civil projects.

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Arab tribes in Iraq

AL-BU MUHAMMAD centered in the Maysan governorate ... BANI MALIK (related to Malik Al- ... Al-rayy Diwaniyah area Kut area

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Mil Mi-24

One of them crashed on 18 July 2006 in an air base in Al Diwaniyah. ... Group (Samodzielna Grupa Powietrzno-Szturmowa) in Al Kut and Al Diwaniyah, Iraq

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