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List of ships of the Portuguese Navy

Santo António e São José 64-74 (c. 1763) - Rebuilt 1794 and renamed Infante dom Pedro, rebuilt 1806 and renamed Martin de Freitas, renamed Dom ...

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Japanese words of Portuguese origin

Portuguese Modern Portuguese English Notes arukōru アルコール alcohol alcool álcool alcohol possibly from ... kirisuto kirisuto キリスト / 基督 Christ Christo Cristo Christ

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Comboios de Portugal

CP Porto, Porto's suburban network. ... Linha da Beira Alta ... Linha da Beira Baixa

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Portugal Current

The Portugal Current is a weak warm water current that flows south-easterly towards the coast of Portugal. The current results from the movement of ...

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List of Portugal-related articles

The following is a list of Portugal ... Those interested in the subject can monitor changes to the pages by clicking on Related changes in the sidebar.

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Portuguese Timorese pataca

In 1945, bronze 10 avos, nickel-bronze 20 avos and silver 50 avos coins were introduced. The sizes of these coins matched those of the Portuguese 20 ...

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Cinema of Portugal

Three years after beginning is exhibition business, Costa Veiga purchases a movie camera and registers his first film, Aspectos da Praia de Cascais ...

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Liberal Wars

A stalemate of nine months ensued. Towards the end of 1833 Maria da Glória was proclaimed Queen, and Dom Pedro was made Regent.

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Portuguese guitar

There are two distinct kinds of modern Portuguese guitar models — the Lisboa guitar and the Coimbra guitar. ... Visually and most distinctively, the ...

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1987 Portuguese Grand Prix

Ret 5 flagicon Nigel Mansell Williams- ... Ret 7 flagicon Riccardo Patrese Brabham-BMW 13 Engine 7Ret 10 flagicon Christian Danner Zakspeed 0 Accident 16

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