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Åland Islands

In Swedish, this first developed into Áland and eventually into Åland, literally "river land"—even though rivers are not a prominent feature of ...

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Aland can mean: Åland, (the "Aland Islands") an archipelago in the Baltic Sea, and a self-governing part of Finland

Åland crisis

Unreferenced The Åland Crisis was one of the first issues the new League of Nations had to arbitrate. ... //www.finland.or.jp/doc/en/embassy/ramstedt.html ...

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Outline of Åland

The Åland Islands form an archipelago in the Baltic Sea. ... Due to Åland's autonomous status, the powers exercised at the provincial level by ...

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Åland Islands Peace Institute

The Åland Islands Peace Institute in Mariehamn, Finland, conducts projects and research into peace and conflict issues in a broadly defined sense ...

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Sund, Åland

Sund is a municipality of Åland, an autonomous territory of Finland and is very rich in history and culture and is one of the official 27 national ...

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History of the Åland Islands

The Åland Islands occupy a position of great strategic importance, commanding as they do both one of the entrances to the port of Stockholm and the ...

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Kurt Aland

Kurt Aland (28 March 1915 in Berlin-Steglitz – 13 April 1994 in Münster, Westfalen) was a German Theologian and Professor of New Testament Research ...

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Åland legislative election, 2007

The Åland Islands held legislative elections on 21 October, 2007http://www.val.ax for the Lagting, the regional parliament of Åland.

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Military of Åland

The Åland Islands are demilitarised. This means that there may be no military presence and that the Islands may not be fortified. The Åland Islands ...

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